By Bonnie Bagley, District Director

Thank you, Sharon Anderson, our 2012 ACBL President. You have been a gracious, loving, hard working president. You have provided valued guidance and direction to the ACBL Board and Robert Hartman, our new CEO. ACBL is well positioned to meet the future. We love you!


Before the fun began in San Francisco the ACBL Board completed the third board meeting of the year, perhaps the most interesting one because of elections. Don Mamula, D19 - Alaska, Washington State, and British Columbia - was elected 2013 ACBL president by a vote of (yes) 13-12. I received many comments about my November column asking how it could be that there are so many 13-12 votes. In this case, the explanation is simple, both candidates were well qualified and would make good presidents. It was not an easy decision to make and I wanted to vote for both. Another close vote was for the Chairman of the Board of Governors. District Directors do not vote, nor are they even allowed to speak in the Board of Governors meeting. The final vote was 54-53 in favor of Dick Anderson, D18 - Western Canada, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming (not Laramie or Cheyenne!).  Barry Harper, also D18, was elected Board of Governors Vice Chairman (by more then one vote). The Board of Governors terms are two years.

Management Report Highlights

Robert Hartman reported membership is 166,491, a 1,000+ member increase over 2011. Total regional, sectional, and STAC table count is up approximately 1%. Club game table counts remain steady, but online table count has shown a 10% increase. Phase 2 of the ACBLscore+ project (basic infrastructure) is complete. Phase 3 (basic scoring) is in progress, and thus far the project is on-time and on-budget. Websites for stakeholder involvement are set up and ideas and feedback are encouraged ( &
ACBL will host three Regionals at Sea in 2013, each complete with a celebrity host: a July Alaskan Cruise with John Mohan, a September Fall Foliage Cruise with George Jacobs, and a November Caribbean Cruise with Mike Lawrence. Reservations for these cruises must be made through Cruise Planners at 866 500-9900 or The success of the Western Conference Regional at Sea and enthusiasm of the attendees in September were contributing factors in ACBL’s decision to handle the Regionals at Sea in house.

Board Meeting Highlights

The board continued with its project of codifying the regulations of the ACBL Board of Directors currently in effect, organized by subject matter. See

Watkins Uiberall Certified Public Accountants were approved as the audit firm for 2103. All in all the meeting was very productive.
The motions passed were: (1) A new seeding formula for the Baze Senior Knockouts. (2) Allowing a club to hold a mentor-novice game as an open game even if the club stipulates that one member has less than a certain number of masterpoints. (3) Changing the Grass Roots Fund Month from December to January, beginning in January, 2014. There will not be a 2013 December Grass Roots Fund Month. (4) That anyone who is a current club manager for a club running ACBL sanctioned games must be an ACBL member in good standing with all service fees and dues paid, this includes any club or higher-rated director. (5) That there will be a six month amnesty program for 2013 offering to credit, free of charge, any masterpoints won by a lapsed member while they were a non-member when they renew their membership. (6) That Regionals at Sea will pay 100% of the standard land-based regional masterpoint award; they previously paid 80%. (7) Of special interest to D17 members, there will be a 2014 Summer Youth NABC in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the 2014 Las Vegas NABC. (8) The most exciting motion passed was to establish a two day 10K Swiss Teams event to be held the first Friday and Saturday at the Spring NABCs. This will be for players with 0-10,000 masterpoints and will pay the overall event winners 10% platinum points, with a maximum of 10 platinum points; all other masterpoints will be gold. 
A motion to require ACBL membership of all participants of ACBL tournaments was deferred to the 2013 Spring meeting in St. Louis. There was much discussion about this motion. Currently an extra charge of $1.00 per event for a sectional and $2.00 for a regional allows non-ACBL members to play in ACBL tournaments, but only members of the ACBL may play in National events at NABCs.
Happy Holidays!
Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
See you at the Albuquerque Regional January 21-27, 2013. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 719 593-0205 or

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