By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Member

The just completed Seattle NABC proved to be a very popular and successful national for D17 players. 199 of the 4,703 attendees were from D17, and 17 players won more than 100 masterpoints. Joshua Donn won 234.27 masterpoints, including a win in the Blue Ribbon Pairs. Other notables: Justin Lall, 1st Nail Life Master Open Pairs; Jill Levin, 1st Women’s B-A-M; Lou Ann O’Rourke, Marc Jacobus, Drew Casen, & Roger Bates, 2nd Senior Knockouts; Kay Afdahl, 2nd Super Senior Pairs; Geoff Hampson and John Kranyak, 3/4 Nail Life Master Open Pairs; Robert Levin, 4th Mitchell Open B-A-M; and Paul Ivaska & Carol Stewart, 4th Senior Mixed Pairs. Congratulations to these players and to our D17 president, Carolyn Newcomb who, playing with husband Jerry, won her first Platinum masterpoints, qualifying for the finals of the Senior Mixed Pairs. Platinum masterpoints can only be earned in national events.

New Leadership

Robert Hartman, the ACBL’s new CEO, attended his first national board meeting. Robert is a very charming and capable person and the board is looking forward to his leadership. Sharon Anderson, D14, was elected 2012 ACBL President. Sharon was on the CEO Search Committee and will work well with Robert during this transition year. She will be attending regionals throughout ACBL and meeting with groups of 8-12 volunteers/members/teachers to listen and weave together their hopes and ideas. Our own Albuquerque Regional will be her first stop as ACBL President. Georgia Heth, D8, and Bruce Blakely, D21, were elected as the ACBL representatives to the World Bridge Federation for a three-year term, January 1, 2012-December 31, 2014.

Member Recognition

Astronaut Greg Johnson, League City, Texas, was named Honorary Member of the Year and 2011 President Craig Robinson named Charles Gill, St. Petersburg, Florida, the 2011 Volunteer of the Year, which was renamed the Nadine Wood ACBL Volunteer of the Year Award by unanimous vote. Nadine Wood was a tireless volunteer at all levels of bridge; she served six terms as the D6 director (1992-2010) and passed away suddenly August 9. Nadine set the standard for volunteerism.


The 2012 ACBL budget was approved, showing expenses exceeding revenue by $118,190. The budget contains one time expenditures of $85,000. Of note to tournament organizers, regional and sectional (including STAC) tournaments per table sanction fees will be increased by four cents effective April 1, 2012, and tournament director session fees will be increased by approximately 4%, also effective April 1, 2012.

Strength of Field/Rank Advancement

The Strength of Field Formula motion was deferred to the Spring meeting. Two motions concerning rank advancement were passed. First, the restriction of online points for rank advancement will be removed and second, for rank advancement above Life Master pigmented points will be required.

Other Motions

One motion I voted against unsuccessfully was that a player who had been suspended or expelled for 120 days or more for ethics violations would be considered ineligible for Grand Life Master status. I agree with this. However, the second paragraph of the motion stated that the player may apply for reconsideration by the ACBL Board of Directors Appeals & Charges Committee. I believe a player who has been found guilty of ethics violations should never be a Grand Life Master.

The GNT entry fee motion, that ACBL waive all entry fees for the ACBL final GNT events, that the Board of Governors voted at its Spring meeting for the Board of Directors to reconsider, again failed 12-13. There was a GNT/NAP Forum scheduled for GNT/NAP coordinators the Tuesday after the board meeting and it was felt prudent to wait for the results of that Forum instead of applying a “band-aid fix.” I again voted for the motion.

Goodwill and Charity Appointees

One of the “perks” of being your National Board Member is being able to acknowledge D17 players who go above and beyond in promoting our game, working at all levels of governance, and making the bridge table an enjoyable place to be. This acknowledgment takes the form of  a lifetime appointment to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee or the Charity Committee. I am honored to announce my selections: Goodwill - Adis Dombu, Las Vegas, Nevada and Dale Sweetwood, Mesa, Arizona; Charity - Evelyn Colson, Las Cruces, New Mexico and Joan Merrill, Tucson, Arizona. It was my privilege to work with  Dale and Evelyn on the D17 Board; to work with Adis on the 2008 Las Vegas NABC; and to meet Joan, observe her kindness at the table, and hear of all she has done in her unit.

Please go to to see the list of all D17 masterpoint winners in Seattle, to read the complete minutes of the Seattle board meeting, and to get the entire list of the D17 members on the National Goodwill and Charity Committees. Do not hesitate to contact me at 719 593-0205 or

Seasons Greetings

Happy New Year and Happy Bridging in the New Year. See you at the Albuquerque Regional, January 16-22, 2012. . . . Come meet our 2012 ACBL President, the lovely Sharon Anderson.

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