By Darwin Afdahl, District 17 President

I’ve recently returned from the Las Vegas Regional, where I had a great time. I hope you did too. The Tournament Co-Chairs, Jane and Bruce Rubin and their volunteers did an outstanding job. Table count was 3,921.5 (down from last year), but I still expect it to be the second largest regional in the ACBL. Even though the Riviera Hotel is getting old, the playing areas are large and well-lit.
Friday, June 21 was “The Longest Day,” a joint venture with ACBL and the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of those fighting Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. D17 sent a check for $500 plus $1 per table per session on Friday ($595). One player from Ohio donated $500, and an additional $81 in cash was collected. The total donated in Las Vegas was $1677.At the D17 Board meeting in Las Vegas, Carolyn Newcomb from Denver was elected as a representative to the Western Conference Board.

One of the areas of concern that I often hear about is the condition of the playing cards, both for pair and team events. If you notice dirty or torn cards, please notify a director. The directors  will either immediately replace the cards if they are unusable or replace them at the end of the session.
Effective January 1, 2014, in conformity with ACBL policy, all regionals in District 17 will charge a mandatory additional card fee of $4 per session for non-members and non-dues-paying Life Masters. The fee at sectionals will be at least $3. The additional fee shall be retained by the sponsoring organization. EXCEPTION: At charity events or events limited to players with no more than 20 masterpoints, the fee will be waived.

Upcoming D17 Regionals are:  Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 12-18 Taos, New Mexico, September 9-15 Tucson, Arizona, October 7-13Start making your plans to attend.
If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail at: or call me anytime at (Home) 520.742.1801, (Cell) 520.305.0360.

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