The smoke has finally moved into Denver, though not from Colorado. Seems Wyoming is sharing. Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you whose lives have been affected by this series of wildfires in our District.

Upcoming Regionals

Our next District 17 regional will be held in Phoenix, October 8-14 at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. Phoenix in the fall is proving to be a very popular tournament, with 2499 tables last year. We hope to see you there.

Las Vegas Regional

The Las Vegas Regional had 4066 tables, up from 3860 tables last year. There were 1956 players participating, versus 1864 last year. The tournament’s hospitality was excellent. Instant posting of results this year worked very well and we are considering implementing this at all our tournaments. To see a sample go to

Grants Program

District 17 has awarded two grants. The El Paso Unit and the Cheyenne Unit requested grants to enable them to provide bridge education and build their membership. There remains $1950 in the 2012 budget for grants to units which do not have regional tournaments. The deadline for submitting grant applications has been extended to October 1. 
These grants are intended to help units continue to hold sectional tournaments, implement programs to educate bridge players and encourage them to play duplicate bridge, and enhance the bridge playing experience in our District. Awards will be based on the quality of the program and the unit’s financial need.

Goodwill Appointments

Thirteen people were appointed to the District 17 Goodwill Committee in Las Vegas. Congratulations to Carolyn Anderson, Santa Fe; Evelyn Colson, Las Cruces; Jo Crumley, Albuquerque; John Dukellis, Colorado Springs; Kay Enfield, Santa Fe; Nancy Goulet, Scottsdale; Jerry Newcomb, Denver; Ruth Pana, Denver; Mary Porter, Mesa; Barbara Rosenthal, Tucson; and Stan Shamitz, Prescott. I am very impressed with your accomplishments and, even more important, with how nice you all are at the table. Thank you for being bridge ambassadors.
The Board also voted to issue District 17 Goodwill pins to all National Goodwill Committee members from D17. Those appointments will be listed on the District 17 website; members should have received their pins by now.


The District has entered into a commitment to offer Bridgemate scoring machines for all pair games in our regionals. Using scoring machines ensures more accurate posting of results, as long as players are diligent in recording and checking scores. They help make results available sooner, and help reduce the number of caddies required for pair games. As part of this agreement, any District 17 unit may use the Bridgemates at its sectionals for the District’s contracted rate of 50 cents per table. Contact Bill Michael, Tom Shulman, or me if you need more information.

Contact Me

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our tournaments and this publication. I love hearing from you. Send me your opinions and perspective. I am especially interested to hear how you are promoting bridge in your own unit. You may contact me through the district website at or by emailing me at

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