Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, January 23, 2016, at the

Marriott Pyramid Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico 


Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Rod Bias, Frank Fine, Robb Gordon, Jim Horton, JoAnne Lowe, Art McHaffie, Steve Nordberg, Jerry Ranney, Becky Rogers, Rod Southworth and John Van Ness

               Outgoing Board Member: John Grossmann, attending a portion of the meeting

               Board members elect: Jeanne Gray and Ed Yosses


Also attending a portion of the meeting: Gary Zeiger, Director In Charge (DIC)


President’s Opening Remarks

John Grossmann called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. John congratulated the Cheyenne Unit 421 for conducting three EasyBridge sessions, attracting 70 people, 40+ are continuing with EasyBridge 2 and 23 joined ACBL, bringing the unit membership to 82; a very successful use of D17 grant funds. Rod Southworth pointed out advertising heavily played a big factor in the success. John thanked the board for the opportunity to serve as president and mentioned he was amazed at the challenges of bridge administration. John noted he has found replacements for his duties. Rod Southworth has agreed to become the website administrator. Steve Nordberg will take over the grant program. John is willing to continue to head the Learn To Play Bridge In A Day (LBIAD) and help anyone willing to conduct a LBIAD workshop.


Election Report

John reported Darwin Afdahl, Tucson, Rod Bias, Phoenix, Robb Gordon, Arizona at Large, Art McHaffie, New Mexico at Large, Jerry Ranney, Denver and Becky Rogers, Las Vegas were automatically reelected with no opposition. Jeanne Gray defeated John Grossmann for Colorado at Large and Ed Yosses was elected to fulfill the remaining term of Flo Newlin, Denver. A motion was made that when a board member requests, the count of an at large election be revealed. The motion was seconded. The motion failed. John welcomed the newly elected board members: Jeanne Gray and Ed Yosses. A motion was made, seconded and passed to ratify the elections and seat the new board members.


Election of Officers

John Grossmann conducted the election of officers.

            Jerry Ranney and Rod Bias were nominated and seconded for president. Jerry Ranney was elected.

            Art McHaffie was nominated and seconded for vice president. Art was elected

            Bonnie Bagley was nominated and seconded for recording secretary. Bonnie was elected.

            Frank Fine was nominated, but he respectfully resigned. Ed Yosses was nominated and seconded for treasurer. Ed was elected.

            Darwin Afdahl nominated and seconded for election secretary. Darwin was elected.


John stated a 7th regional for 2017 is added under Old Business. John presented the president’s gavel to Jerry Ranney and wished him well. Jerry thanked for his many contributions to District 17 and presented him a card of appreciation signed by the D17 Board Members. At this point, John left the meeting and Jerry conducted the remainder of the meeting.


Approval September 2015 Minutes

Bonnie noted that for clarification the following sentence has been changed from: “These awards will be in effect provided the games conform to all rules and regulations of ACBL that pertain to games held in clubs throughout ACBL-land and that nominations for 2nd alternate not close for at least one week after the election for 1st alternate is resolved.” To “These awards will be in effect provided the games conform to all rules and regulations of ACBL that pertain to games held in clubs throughout ACBL-land. The second motion was that nominations for 2nd alternate not close for at least one week after the election for 1st alternate is resolved.” It was also pointed out that the motion to eliminate the D17/Unit Friday evening reception should read: “A motion was made to suspend the D17/Unit Friday evening reception.”

A motion was made to accept the September 2015 minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded and passed. Frank Fine stated the Albuquerque unit provided a modest reception with John Grossmann making a donation for the wine and beer. Thank yous were extended to Frank and John.


Secretary’s Report

 Bonnie stated that free plays are available and included in the folders are D17 Regional Surplus/Loss

Information, plus a list of all ACBL 2015 regionals by table count, with the Western Conference Regionals highlighted. Of the 131 2015 regionals, D17 had the 6th largest (Las Vegas) with all six D17 regionals in the top 31. Also included is an update of the Bridge Integrity Task Force, which was formed by CEO Robert Hartman to identify steps needed to create a fair playing environment where ethical violations are not tolerated. Brad Moss, from Denver, is a member of the blue-ribbon committee.


Treasurer’s Report

Jerry Ranney presented the treasurer’s report and noted the net income was $2,972.84, which put the yearend total assets at $114,126. The net income was expected to be $22,585, due to the entry fee increase January 1, 2015. Lower than budgeted regional table count and the cancellation of the Phoenix Regional expected accounted for the reduced net income. A motion was made and seconded to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion passed. Jerry reported the first draft of the 2016 budget is done and will be discussed during the Finance Committee report.


Current Regional

Frank reported he has received compliments on the new tables and pointed out that brand new cards and boards were supplied for the team games. Table count is slightly up.


National Board

Bonnie Bagley stated the final BOD meeting of 2015 took place at the Denver NABC in November.

She reported Rod Bias was elected as a trustee of the Educational Foundation. In other elections, Marv Norden was elected as D18 Director, Kevin Lane as D23 Director and Mark Aquino as D25 Director.

Ken Monzingo, D22, was elected 2016 ACBL President.  Bonnie Bagley was elected as President of the Charity Foundation. A motion to increase the percentage of gold points awarded at NLM Regionals was increased to 25% from 10%, which hopefully will increase attendance at the Tucson NLM Regional.

A motion to increase NABC+ events from $20 to $25 passed, but the screen fee is eliminated. A motion that the non-member surcharge for regionals and sectionals go to ACBL instead of the hosting entity passed. The Young Life Master 0-1500 At NABCs, held at the Summer NABC, in conjunction with the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs, will no longer require a player to be a Life Master. This allows players who do not qualify for the second day of the Flight C GNTs to enter the now Young 0-1500 Pairs.

Team entry fees will be on a per person basis. Membership at 2015 yearend is 168,443, an increase of 717 members. Regional table count was down 2%, sectional table count down 3% and STaCs were flat. Club table fees are being increased from .74 to $1.00, but the game fee of $1.25 is eliminated. Regional sanction fees increased to $4.40 from $4.31, sectional sanction fees from $3.00 to $3.06,

 STaC sanction fees increasing 3% and TD expenses increasing 9%. All increases effective April 1.

A Board Composition Committee was established which will review the current size of the BOD, areas from which they are selected and the method by which they are selected. The Committee will consist of: three BOD members, one of which will be the chair two members from management, two members from the BOG and two at-large members. The next BOD meeting will be at the Spring NABC in Reno.

Bonnie announced that after co-chairing the 2008 Las Vegas NABC and chairing the 2014 Las Vegas NABC, co-chairs for the 2019 Summer Las Vegas NABC from Las Vegas have been identified. A motion was made that Liz Hamilton and Tom Shulman be appointed as co-chairs of the 2019 Summer NABC. The motion passed.

Bonnie also announced she is running for reelection to the BOD this year. This would be her third and final term.


Board of Governors

Robb Gordon explained that although he was not at the Denver BOG meeting, he nevertheless had a report. Robb explained for the new D17 Board Members that ACBL is overseen by the Board of Directors, which consists of one representative from each district and the BOG chair (a non-voting member). The other body is the BOG, whose functions are: to approve all new life masters and  discuss issues which are of interest to the grassroots players, reports from management and the motions from the BOD; and to make motions and proposals to recommend actions for the BOD to take. There are five BOG members from each district, the First Alternate, the Second Alternate and three BOG representatives. John Grossmann is D17’s Second Alternate and Jim Calhoun, from Denver, Linda Gordon, from Sedona and JoAnn Sprung, from Las Vegas are D17’s BOG representatives. Robb reported that the motion concerning online points being separated from total masterpoint lists the BOG asked to be reconsidered failed and a motion to reconsider the screen charge for NABC events was withdrawn because the BOD voted to increase the entry fee for NABC events from $20 to $25 and eliminate the screen fee. A motion submitted by the BOG to follow the masterpoint scale of 80% of open games when 18 or more boards are played in ACBL sanctioned games on cruise ships passed.


Western Conference

Darwin Afdahl reported the 2016 Western Conference (WC) board meeting was held at the Monterey Regional, Thursday, January 7th. Darwin reported the WC has lost $24,000 in the last two years and the 2016 budget shows a deficit of $10,000. After much discussion, the WC Board voted to increase the $2.25 regional table sanction fee to $3.25, effective March 1, 2016. He noted the sanction fee has not been increased for ten years. In 2005, WC expenses were $155,000, in 2015; expenses were $234,000, thus the necessity to raise the sanction fees. It was noted that budgets have already been done and this increase would greatly affect the regional bottom lines. Discussions followed about the pros and cons of being a member of the WC. Jerry Ranney appointed a committee to evaluate staying in the Western Conference. The committee is Robb Gordon, John Van Ness, Darwin Afdahl and Bonnie Bagley. A motion was made that Jerry ask the WC to postpone the increase to January 2017. The motion was seconded. An amendment to the motion was made that any increase be postponed to January 2017 and that the committee work with the WC to review the finances behind the ScoreCard to determine the value. The amendment was seconded and passed. The motion passed. Darwin reported that JoAnne Lowe’s request that the WC waive sanction fees for Pro-Am games at regionals was denied.


Executive Committee

Jerry noted the Executive Committee (EC) discussed the directors who are approved as DICs for D17 Regionals. Becky Rogers stated that units should allowed to have any director they wanted as DIC, unless there are any objections and not have to choose from the approved DIC list in the Policy Manual. Discussion followed. A motion was made the approved DIC list in the Policy Manual be removed and have a condition in the RTP that the D17 Board approves the requested DIC. The motion was seconded. The motion failed. A motion was made to add Brian Russell to the approved DIC list. The motion was seconded. An amendment was made to remove Su Doe from the approved DIC list. The motion was seconded. The amendment passed. An amendment was made to remove Tom Marsh from the approved DIC list. The amendment was seconded and passed. The motion passed. Jerry Ranney noted the EC discussed releasing the unit count of the Colorado at Large election and discussed dirty cards in the pair’s game and the book table at times being unattended. Jerry appointed Rod Bias, Jeanne Gray and Jim Horton to investigate the dirty cards situation.


DIC Gary Zeiger joined the meeting and reported the table count as of Friday night is 1228.5. He predicts the table count to be the same as 2015, around 1600 tables. Gary announced that he resigned as a Field Supervisor and D17 directors not report to Arleen Harvey. Gary is planning to work with and mentor some directors for them to be D17 DICs in the future.


Committee Reports

Elections  Report given above.


Grand National Teams (GNT) Rod Southworth reported the GNT season is progressing. Has sent emails to the unit GNT coordinator and there will be a big article on the GNTs on the front page of the February ScoreCard. Rod proposes D17 go back to alternating the GNTs between the Denver and Las Vegas Regionals, starting with 2017 being in Las Vegas. Becky will check with the Las Vegas unit and ask if they would be agreeable to rotating again and report next meeting.


North American Pairs (NAP) Jim Horton stated the Flight B NAPs were held Friday and had 16 tables, which is up from 14.5 in 2015. Flight A and Flight C will be Saturday.  


I/N Rod Bias reported most of his efforts since the last board meeting have been focused on the Phoenix Unit. Rod noted the joint Phoenix Unit and Mesa Unit I/N Sectional had 188 tables for their first effort.

Rod pointed out that districts may have a three NLM Sectionals a year and he encourages units to consider holding one. It was noted that D17 and WC sanction fees are waived for NLM Regionals. The D17 Board must approve the sanction of these regionals. Tucson has run the most successful NLM Regional in ACBL since 2005.


By Laws Robb Gordon stated the By Laws Committee, which consists of himself, Jim Horton and John Van Ness met Friday. This meeting was opened to all D17 Board Members, attending were Darwin Afdahl, John Grossmann, Steve Nordberg and Bonnie Bagley. Two versions of revised By Laws have been presented, one drafted by the committee and one drafted by John Van Ness. Jerry took a straw poll of the board as to which revision should be used. The revision drafted by the committee will be the one Robb will use. Robb requested input on electronic voting, incorporation, three year terms, timing D17 elections earlier in the year which would facilitate the possibility of holding officer elections at the Fall meeting and term limits. These items were discussed and Robb got the sentiments of the board. He will draft another revision of the By Laws and email to the board members for a final review with a goal of a final revision emailed to the board no later than 30 days before the May Board Meeting. Much appreciation was expressed to Robb for all of the time and effort he has expended on this task.


Goodwill /Charity Rod Southworth noted Flo Newlin gave him the Goodwill and Charity information to be passed on to the new committee chair.


Regional Tournaments Jerry Ranney reported Bonnie Bagley presented the Pikes Peak Regional schedule to the Regional Tournament Committee, but there are scheduling issues to be determined based on some of the event table counts here in Albuquerque, so the Executive Committee will approve the schedule when it is final. Jerry noted the Pikes Peak Regional budget was approved by the Finance Committee. A motion was made to offer the Colorado Springs Unit the RTP upon the Executive Committee’s approval of the budget. The motion was seconded and passed.


Tournament Coordination JoAnne Lowe noted that most tournaments are sanctioned. JoAnne commented that when we have a seventh regional, it should not be scheduled to conflict with an existing sectional. Bonnie Bagley noted that a seventh regional should only be approved for a D17 priority week.


Tournament Supplies Jerry Ranney announced Jeanne Gray will be the Tournament Supplies Committee Chair and he will continue to help. 


Finance Jerry Ranney presented the 2016 budget noting that most regional budgets were conservative with the estimated table counts. The total budgeted table count is 11,900 tables, which provides for a break even budget. Upon review of the budget, a motion was made to approve the 2016 budget with the change of Unit Grants from $3,500 to $3,000. The motion was seconded and passed.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Appeals, Education, Contract Review, Grants, RTD, Unit Affiliations, and Web Site No report


Old Business

By Laws Revision

Discussed above under Committee Reports


2017 Seventh Regional

Jerry Ranney stated Taos has submitted a request to hold a regional October 2-9, 2017. Jerry noted that Vail has also expressed interest in having a regional in 2017 also. After much discussion, a motion was made to grant Taos a sanction for the 7th D17 Regional October 2-9, 2017. The motion was seconded and passed. Art McHaffie will contact Winifred Stebbins, the tournament chair, to get the hotel contract, budget and schedule submitted. Jerry Ranney suggested Vail submit a proposal for 2019 during a D17 priority week.                                                            


The meeting was adjourned at 12:09 p.m.


The next meeting will be 8:00 a.m. Saturday, May 28, 2016 in Denver, Colorado at the

Rocky Mountain Regional.



 Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie L. Bagley


Bonnie L. Bagley


       These minutes have yet to be approved at our next meeting in Denver. 


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