Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, June 22, 2013 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada


Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, John Grossmann, Darryl Helton, Jim Horton, Karin Kelsey, Ralph Liguori, JoAnne Lowe, Flo Newlin, Jerry Ranney, Tom Shulman, Rod Southworth, Marianne Spanier and John Van Ness.

Also attending a portion of the meeting: Dan Williams, D17 bookseller and board pre-duplicator, Carolyn Newcomb, former D17 Board Member and D17 President, and Jack Hibbs, Las Vegas Unit 373 President.

Absent: Art McHaffie

President’s Opening Remarks Darwin Afdahl called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. He thanked the chairs of the Las Vegas Regional, Jane and Bruce Rubin, and the volunteers for their hard work producing a successful tournament and for the reception Friday night. Darwin reported for Nancy Boyd, the DIC, that the table count was booming at the beginning of the week, but has taken a nose dive. The I/N Games are booming, the Gold Rush Pairs are the same, Knock Outs are down, Daylight Pairs are the same and the players are having a great time.  Darwin asked all D17 Board Members to notify their tournament chairmen that effective Jan. 1, 2014, an additional fee at regionals of $4.00 per person and, at sectionals of $3.00 person will be charged for non ACBL members and non-service fee paying Life Masters. Darwin announced Darryl Helton, D17 Arizona at Large Representative, has submitted his resignation effective at the end of this meeting. Darwin thanked Darryl for his service as a D17 Board Member and especially as GNT Coordinator. Darwin appointed Rod Southworth to replace Darryl as GNT Coordinator. 

Approval January 2013 Minutes A motion was made to approve the January 2013 Albuquerque minutes. The motion was seconded and passed.

Secretary’s Report Bonnie Bagley stated the folders with all pertinent information have been distributed and free play coupons are available.

Treasurer’s Report Jerry Ranney reported the year to date surplus is $12,000 but the projected net income is a loss of $5,800 $2.500 higher than the budgeted loss of $3,300. This is due to several budget items being over budget. The D17 net worth as of June 4, 2013 is $171,673. Jerry stated the Phoenix NABC Fund Raiser Games held the week of March 18th raised $4,433. The second Las Vegas NABC Fund Raiser will be the week of June 24th. Jerry announced the 2012 Federal and State of Colorado tax returns were completed and filed in May 2013. A motion was made, seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion passed.

National Board Bonnie Bagley reported Rand Pinsky of D23 (Los Angeles) was reelected ACBL treasurer for May 2013-April 2014. Robb Gordon from Sedona, Arizona, was appointed to a three year term to the Ethical Oversight Committee.  A motion to raise the senior age to 60 passed, with the players already eligible to play in Senior events to be grandfathered. This might have an effect on the Mesa Senior Regional. A motion to allow playing directors receiving overall masterpoint awards in STaC games be at sponsor option passed. The Conditions of Contest for the Western Conference do not allow overall awards for playing directors.  A motion to create a dual system of masterpoints face-to-face and online games failed. There are over 150 teams registered for The Longest Day, the Alzheimer’s Association charity fund raiser supported by ACBL.  ACBL membership at the end of May is 167,215. The next ACBL board meeting will be at the Atlanta NABC July 28 – August 1. Bonnie has submitted a motion to raise the upper masterpoint limit at Non-Life Master Regionals to 750, and award 10% gold points for overall awards and section tops in the top bracket, flight or strata of two session or longer events. This motion was requested by the Tucson Unit who hosts the largest ACBL Non-Life Master Regional. 

Board of Governors Bonnie Bagley reported there were no motions for reconsideration and there was no Old Business. The next Board of Governors meeting will be at the Atlanta NABC Sunday, August 4th at 8:15 a.m.


Western Conference John Van Ness reported the Western Conference continues to be financially healthy due to the success of the Western Conference STaCs; even considering increases in postal fees and printing charges and the Western Conference sanction fee continues to remain at $2.25 per table.

Executive Committee Darwin noted the Executive Committee met yesterday and reviewed agenda items. The Executive Committee approved a 9:00 a.m. Sunday Swiss starting time for the 2013 October Tucson Regional and approved the submitted 2014 January Las Vegas Schedule. Darwin also announced the Executive Committee approved a donation of $500 plus $1.00 per table played at the Las Vegas Regional on June 21st, The Longest Day, the Alzheimer’s Association fund raiser supported by the ACBL.

Committee Reports Elections Karin Kelsey stated she will notify the Arizona at Large units of Darryl’s resignation and will conduct an election for that position. The following are up for reelection this year:  Darwin Afdahl, Tucson, John Grossmann, Colorado-at-Large, Darryl Helton (who has resigned), Arizona-at-Large, Art McHaffie, New Mexico-at-Large, Jerry Ranney, Denver, Tom Shulman, Las Vegas and Marianne Spanier, Phoenix. Karin asked that she be notified as soon as possible if you are running for re-election.

Grand National Teams (GNT) Darryl reported the D17 GNT Finals started yesterday and he is disappointed with the number of teams participating. There are only 22 teams this year compared with 39 last year. He stated the participation has been much better when the D17 Finals are held in Denver. A motion was made to hold the D17 GNT Finals at the Denver Regional every year. The motion was seconded and much discussion ensued as to where the finals should be held; the D17GNT Finals currently rotate between the May Denver Regional and the June Las Vegas Regional. A motion was made to table the motion until the Tucson meeting to enable the Denver and Las Vegas D17 representatives to consult with their unit boards. The motion to table passed. Darryl stated he felt the decision should be driven by what the players would prefer and perhaps Rob Southworth, who will be the GNT chair should consult with the players. Darryl, who is co-chair with his wife, Marsha, of the 2013 Fall Phoenix NABC, announced that plans are successfully underway and many events have been named and sold. He expressed disappointment that the NABC banners were not displayed in Las Vegas. He discovered that Dan Williams was told it would cost between $100 and $150 to hang the banners and certainly Dan should not absorb such a cost. Dan is willing to transport the banners and display them when possible. Dan Williams joined the meeting and stated he is happy to transport any banners and if the banners are smaller, he can hang them from the book table.

North American Pairs (NAP) Ralph Liguori presented the 2013-2014 NAP Conditions of Contest. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Conditions of Contest. A motion was made seconded and passed to amend the motion to include D17 providing a $200 per person subsidy for the third place finishers in all three flights. The amended Conditions of Contest motion passed. A motion was made to hold the D17 NAP finals starting with the 2014-2015 NAP year at a location not in conjunction with a regional. There was no second to the motion. Darwin appointed a committee headed by Ralph to investigate holding the D17 NAP Finals at a location, not in conjunction with a regional. Jim Horton and Flo Newlin will be on the committee, which will present their findings at the October Tucson meeting.

I/N JoAnne Lowe stated she mailed 506 postcards to I/N players advertising the Las Vegas Regional and over 500 advertising the Colorado Springs Regional. JoAnne feels the postcard advertisements are not working and would like to look at something new. Treasurer Jerry Ranney stated D17 is spending over $10,000 for I/Ns (which includes the $1,000 D17 gives to each regional for their I/N program.) A motion was made to discontinue the I/N postcards. The motion was seconded and passed. Much discussion followed about I/N programs and incentives that could be done. John Van Ness pointed out that D17 has excellent I/N attendance and viable I/N events.

At this time, Carolyn Newcomb, former D17 Board Member and D17 President, joined the meeting. Darwin said the Western Conference Representative Election would take place now. Carolyn Newcomb was nominated and John Van Ness was nominated. Darwin asked each for minutes. Karin Kelsey distributed ballots and she and Bonnie Bagley counted the ballots and reported Carolyn Newcomb is elected as the D17 representative to the Western Conference. Since this election is for the three year term of 2012, 2013 and 2014, there will be another election at the 2014 October Phoenix D17 Board Meeting for the three year term of 2015, 2016 & 2017.

By-Laws Karin Kelsey presented the following By-Law Revision, which was also presented at the D17 June Las Vegas meeting. Article VI, Section 8 If at any time a Board Representative determines he/she cannot serve the balance of his/her term, the member is to notify the Election Secretary and their respective unit(s). The position is to be advertised in the D17 Scorecard. The involved unit(s) shall notify its members of the opening and all nominee names are to be sent to the Election Secretary.The Election Secretary lists the names on an official ballot and sends the ballots to the involved unit(s).  The members of the unit board holds an election to fill the unexpired term as set forth in Sections 2 and 3 proceeding, with the deadlines for nominee/ballot returns determined by the Election Secretary. The Election Secretary counts the ballots and notifies the District 17 President and the president of the unit(s) involved.  The Election Secretary then notifies the nominees involved.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the By-Law revision.

Charity/Goodwill Karin Kelsey asked when D17 would be receiving the $30,000 grant from the Charity Foundation which D17 received in 2010. Bonnie Bagley reported it will be in 2015. Karin Kelsey stated she has received excellent nominees for the D17 Goodwill Award. The nominees are:

Joan Merrill nominated by Darwin Afdahl, Barbara Harrid by Ralph Liguori, Barbara Yoshimura by Bonnie Bagley, Diane Black by John Grossmann, Jerry Ranney by Flo Newlin, Penny Coffman by Jerry Ranney, Leon Lowe by JoAnne Lowe, Ginny Macey by Rod Southworth, Felix Moore by Karin Kelsey

Complete information about a nominee was not received, Karin will seek that information. A motion was made to accept the 2013 Goodwill Nominees listed above along with the other nominee when Karin receives the needed information. The motion was seconded and passed.

Regional Tournaments Jerry Ranney reported the Regional Tournament Committee approved the 2014 Albuquerque schedule, the changes are the substitution of a two session Board-A-Match on Thursday instead of the usual two session Swiss Teams and the Sunday bracketed 0-2000 Swiss Teams instead of the B/C/D Swiss Teams. The Regional Tournament Committee also approved the 2014 Mesa schedule, which is the same as the 2013 schedule. Darwin Afdahl recognized Jim Horton who requests the following modification to the D17 Regional Tournament Plan:

Charity Games

  1. Four charity games will be held with a minimum of $7.75 per table on Monday the first day of the tournament. The proceeds from the afternoon open pairs game and the afternoon 0-200 new player game will be paid to the ACBL Charity Foundation. The proceeds from the evening open pairs game and the 0-200 new player game will be paid to local charities designated by Unit 351.
  2. All four charity games will be exempt from District 17 sanction fees. The director in charge must include in the tournament report the names of the charities to which the unit is donating the proceeds from the two additional charity games.

A motion was made to allow Mesa to waive the D17 sanction fees for two open pairs and two 0-200 charity games. The motion was defeated.

ScoreCard Bonnie Bagley distributed the July issue of the Forum – hot off the press. Bonnie noted that, as a trial, the top ten MP winners were listed with the D17 sectional results in the May and June ScoreCard. There was a consensus that, space permitting, the Top Ten be listed. Bonnie also reported that, in part, because of Jim Horton’s observation, the website for the Forum, www.contractbridgeforum.com is now a prominent and permanent part of the Forum. Bonnie reminded the board that a one quarter page ad for the I/N program of a regional can be placed in the ScoreCard, with no charge, compliments of the Western Conference, again, space available. 

At this time, Jack Hibbs, Las Vegas Unit 373 President joined the meeting and welcomed the D17 Board to Las Vegas.

Finance/ Contract Review JoAnne Lowe reported the Phoenix Unit Board has been negotiating with the Mesa Convention Center to hold the 2014 October Phoenix Regional. John Van Ness has been reviewing the contract. The budget was not submitted to the Finance Committee in time for copies to be made for the board members. It was reviewed by the members of the Finance Committee who approved the budget with the provision that the Phoenix Unit would not come to D17 requesting a subsidy if a loss occurred. A motion was made to approve the Phoenix budget with the above stated provision. The motion was seconded and passed.

Jerry Ranney stated the Albuquerque 2013 Financial Statement was received showing a surplus of $13,377.63, along with the 2014 Budget projecting a surplus of $13,270.00. Jerry reminded the board of the agreement to guarantee the Albuquerque Unit a surplus of the average of their previous five regional surpluses as an incentive to move their 2014 regional from the January priority week to allow the Las Regional to be held at that time. A motion was made to accept the Albuquerque budget and schedule and offer Albuquerque the D17 RTP. The motion was seconded and passed.

Jerry also reported the Finance Committee approved the Mesa 2013 Financial statement, a surplus of $3,710.06 was realized and approved the 2014 budget, which is conservatively projecting a $222 surplus, with the anticipated loss of table count due to the raising of the Senior age to 60. A motion was made to accept the 2014 Mesa budget and schedule and offer Mesa the D17 RTP. The motion was seconded and passed. Jerry noted that a preliminary 2013 Denver Financial Statement showing a surplus of $6,008 and a preliminary 2014 budget had been received. Jerry will contact the Regional Tournament Committee and the Finance Committee when the 2014 Denver schedule and budget are ready for approval. He noted the Denver Regional followed the Phoenix Regional’s example of hosting a Pro-Am game Monday afternoon. It was a knockout success with 43 tables, due to the hard working efforts of Shelbie Bastiens, Penny Coffman and Flo Newlin.

Tournament Coordination Marianne Spanier showed the new, revised yearly tournament schedules for 2013, 2014 & 2015.These are taken from the ACBL Tourney Trax, which only list sanctioned tournaments. Marianne noted the following corrections to be made: in 2014, eliminate the April 11-13 Mesa Sectional as Mesa will no longer be having a sectional concurrent with their regional and delete the Mesa Sectional for 2015, April 10-12. John Van Ness questioned why there are so many Colorado Sectionals one after another. Marianne said she only coordinates to determine that a sanction is not approved if there has already been a sanction application for the same time. John Grossmann noted he had been approached by Bob Wingeard, a former D17 Board Member and D17 District Director, who asked John if there was still a priority week schedule. Marianne said there is no longer one since sectionals are often at the mercy of their venues. Jerry Ranney stated it behooves the D17 reps to be aware of the schedule and apprise their units of the crowded schedule.

Darwin recognized Tom Shulman who reported that there is a contract for the Las Vegas Regional to be held at Bally’s the next five years; in January 2014 and then in June 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. Tom noted that because the contracts are signed for many years ahead, the room rates are somewhat elevated because the hotels are reluctant to commit to a low room rate five years in advance. The process for the past twenty years has been to review the room rate six months prior to the tournament, the hotel reviews the current economic conditions in Las Vegas and usually reduces the room rates dramatically. The process has worked because the hotels do not have an incentive to hold the tournament to a high room rate that will not sell because they have no power to extract a monetary penalty. Right now, seven months out Bally’s is unwilling to reduce the $134 room rate. January is a big convention month and it is possible Bally’s will not reduce the room rate. Palm Springs had a very successful 2013 4,000 table tournament with $134 room rates, it is possible Las Vegas can do the same. It also could be a one year problem since the regional moves back to June after 2014 and that is when the room rates have been successfully reduced. The current tournament chairmen are looking at other venues, Tom told them the district would have  no problem with that but any contract has to be reviewed by the Contract Review Committee before being signed. Tom is confident the process will continue to work.

Darwin commented that time is getting short  and asked if were any other committees that needed to report.

John Grossmann reported he conducted a website demonstration/introduction two days ago and will have another one today at 5:00 p.m. and will have another at the Pikes Peak Regional and will come to your home if you live on the Front Range. His goal is get more people who have content areas, (like GNT, NAP, etc) to be involved in making sure their section of the web site is current  and avoid stale information. Another goal is to trim the web site back to the core things we need to do well. There were no reports from the Tournament Supplies, Education or Grants Committees.

Old Business Western Conference Representative Election – covered above.  By-Laws – see By-Laws Committee Report

New Business New Electronic Device Policy and Junior Member Discount Darwin will form a committee for both of these with reports to be made at the October Tucson Meeting.

Sectional Waiver for Roswell Unit 382 Darwin stated the Roswell Unit 382 has requested a waiver from holding a sectional because they are so small. A motion was made, seconded and passed to grant the Roswell Unit 382 a sectional waiver.


Bridge Results Tom Shulman reported for Tournament Chairman Jane Rubin that the posting of BridgeResults, a system of posting online scores, has presented some problems and a the system could be refined and upgraded to be a more timely and a more user-friendly posting program for both the directors and the people uploading the results. Bonnie Bagley stated the new ACBLscore+ is supposed to contain a results posting program.                                                                          A motion was made at 12:10 to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

The next meeting will be Saturday, October 12, 2013 in Tucson, Arizona at the Holiday Inn Palo Verde at 8:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie L. Bagley


Attachment: D17 2013-2014 NAP Conditions Of Contest




Reference:  ACBL 2013-14 Conditions of Contest for the North American Pairs Contest are part of these conditions.  (Click her for pdf of ACBL version)

District 17 NAP Chairman: Ralph A. Liguori 1513 Capitan Ridge El Paso, TX 79912

e-mail: oliguori@elp.rr.com


Welcome to the 2013-2014 North American Pairs competition. If you are a club owner or unit coordinator, you should have already received packets from ACBL which should include conditions of contest, AND result forms ND REPORT FORMS. If not contact Patty Taylor Manager of Special Events and ask for the NAP packet. Her phone number is 662-252-3139. The following of contest apply specifically to District 17 NAP club game and finals.

Club Qualifying Level

  1. Club qualifying events will be held in June, July, and August.
  2. The 2013- 2014 NAP is divided into:

Flight A Open

Flight B 0 to 2000 Master points

Flight C Non Life Masters with fewer than 500 Master points

All strata are determined by recorded Master points as of June 1, 2013

  1. A list of all qualifiers must be sent to the District 17 NAP Coordinator at the address above or by means of e-mail to oliguori@elp.rr.com
  2. There is no District 17 Sanction fee NAP Qualifying games.

Unit Final

In the 2013-2014 NAP there are no unit finals in District 17. Any pair that qualifies is eligible to play in the NAP district championships held in conjunction with the Tucson Regional during the week of October 7 – 13, 2013.

District Championship

The District Championship will be held on October 11 and 12 in Tucson, AZ. The district finals will consist of two sessions. The flight A and C competition will be held on Saturday October 12 and the flight B competition will be held on Friday October 11. The District will allow ACBL mid chart for flight A. In flights B and C the ACBL general chart will be used.

General Information

Most of your questions can be answered by referring to The ACBL Conditions of Contest for 2013 – 2014 North American Pairs event. The three top pairs will be eligible to play in the National Finals in Dallas , Texas. The National finals for flight A will be held March 19 and 20, 2014. The National finals for flight B and C will be held on March 29 and 30, 2014.

First place winners in the district finals in each flight will receive $700 apiece in each flight to attend the national finals. Second place winners will receive $300 apiece for the same purpose. Third place winners will receive $200 apiece.  No individual may receive two concurrent cash awards. Qualifiers must play must play in the National level event until eliminated to receive the award. There is no entry fee for the National competition in this event.

Membership Dues or Life Master Service Fees must be current and continuous from the start of the unit qualifying to the completion of the National Finals. If a qualifying pair chooses not to participate in the National Finals the qualification for that position will be extended to the next ranked qualifiers.

Approved June 22, 2013

[Click here for pdf of ACBL version of the National Conditions of Contest]



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