Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, May 28, 2011 at the
Renaissance Hotel in Denver Colorado
President Carolyn Newcomb called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Present: Board members Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Lesley Davis, Barbara Dunkley, Karin Griffin, John Grossmann, Darryl Helton, Allen Johnson, Ralph Liguori, Carolyn Newcomb, Jerry Ranney, Marianne Spanier, John Van Ness and David Zapatka.

Absent: Evelyn Colson

Also attending a portion of the meeting were Kitty Cooper, ScoreCard co-editor and web site designer, Ken Monzingo, FORUM  publisher and Gary Zeiger, director-in-charge.

President’s Opening Remarks
Carolyn Newcomb announced the meeting was starting at 8:30, 30 minutes later then in the past and the goal is to complete the meeting by 11:30. Carolyn thanked everyone for their willingness to serve on various committees. She pointed out the new web site is up and running; she thanked Kitty Cooper for the “new look.” Kitty had a session to train board members to upload and maintain the web site. Carolyn and John Grossmann are available to train others.

Approval of January 2011 Minutes
A motion was made to approve the January minutes. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Secretary’sReport Bonnie Bagley pointed out the paperwork pertinent to the meeting are in the folders. Letterhead stationery and envelopes are available for those who need some, along with free plays.

Treasurer’s Report
Jerry Ranney reported a net income of $6,539.32 through April 30, 2011. All expense items are on track and there is a balance of $150,299.71, which is more then budgeted due to the increased table count of the Albuquerque and Mesa Regionals. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.

Current Regional
Jerry Ranney noted the table count is very slightly down (3 ½ tables), but since 2010 was a record year, attendance is very good.

National Board
Bonnie Bagley said her report of the March ACBL Board of Directors meeting at Louisville is posted on her web site: BonnieBagleyD17.com and was in the May ScoreCard. Bonnie Bagley reported ACBL membership is also slightly down, but new member recruitment is going well. Regional table count is trailing 2010 due to two fewer regionals; regional table count is averaging 1,883. Sectional table count is trailing as well due to 19 fewer tournaments; sectional table count is averaging 190. StaCs continue to be popular with an 8% increase over 2010, averaging 1,556 tables.

Bonnie noted the motion to take the $165,000 WBF membership fee out of the International Fund, instead of the ACBL General Fund was soundly defeated. There is information concerning this complicated issue in the folders. Bonnie asked each board member to read the information and inform her of your thoughts. The next ACBL board meeting will be at the Summer NABC in Toronto in July.

Board of Governors
Bonnie Bagley stated elections for District 17 first alternate and second alternate to the ACBL board of directors will be this year. John Van Ness has filed for reelection as first alternate, a position he now holds. Darwin Afdahl has filed for second alternate, which has been held by Elsie Matthews of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Elsie has been unable to attend the Board of Governors’ meetings and has not filed for reelection. The deadline for filing is June 1, so it is unlikely there will be other candidates. Congratulations to John and Darwin.
There were no D17 BoG representatives at the March meeting in Louisville. Bonnie Bagley reported the Board of Governors passed a motion recommending that player conduct at the club be made subject to the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. This will be submitted as a motion by the Board of Governors to the ACBL Board for the July meeting in Toronto.
Karin Griffin suggested a subsidy for the BoG representatives. Carolyn said it will be on the agenda in Phoenix. Jerry Ranney asked if there was any consideration of ACBL revisiting the director per table ratio what with the advent of electronic scoring. It is felt that this is a subject to be addressed.

Western Conference
In John Van Ness’ temporary absence, Bonnie Bagley reported there was a Western Conference (WC) meeting during the Las Vegas Sectional in February.  Due to the continuing success of the WC STaCs, the WC board voted to remit $2,500 to each of the three member districts (D17, D21 & D22). The next WC meeting will be at the Palm Springs Regional in December.

Executive Committee
Carolyn stated the Executive Committee met and discussed the agenda items. Carolyn noted there is a choice for the first D17 meeting next year of Albuquerque in January or Tucson in February/March, the second meeting will be in Las Vegas in June, the third in Phoenix in October. A motion was made and seconded to hold the first meeting of 2012 at the Tucson Regional, March 3. The motion passed.

Committee Ratification
Carolyn Newcomb stated the additions and/or corrections have been made to the 2011 Committees – David Zapatka and Bill Kass (non-board member participant) to the Baldwin Plan Committee; Lesley Davis, chair of the Goodwill Committee, with the addition of  Darryl Helton and Bonnie Bagley. A motion was made and seconded to create the office of parliamentarian. Carolyn noted she would like to appoint Evelyn Colson as parliamentarian keep order in the meetings and to help the meetings follow procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order. John Van Ness objected saying that Robert’s Rules are not followed in any meeting he attends. After much discussion, the question was called and the motion passed. A motion was made, seconded and passed to ratify the 2011 Committees (see attachment).

Committee Reports
Elections Karin Griffin announced the following board members are up for reelection: Marianne Spinier, Phoenix, Barbara Dunkley, Las Vegas, John Grossmann, Colorado at Large, Jerry Ranney, Denver, Darwin Afdahl, Tucson, Evelyn Colson, New Mexico at Large and Ralph Liguori, El Paso. Karin said all except Evelyn had indicated to her they were running again. Karin will contact Evelyn.

GNT Jerry Ranney stated he expects 30 teams for the D17 Finals which start this afternoon. There were more qualifying games this year, so there is about $1,000 more to distribute. A motion was made that the subsidy given by D17 to the winning teams of each GNT flight be increased, for this year only, from $1,600 to $2,000, due to the high expense of going to Toronto. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

NAP Ralph Liguori announced the qualifying games for the NAP D17 Finals begin June 1 and continue through August. The Conditions of Contest were emailed to the board members for approval and have been sent to the club owners. John Grossmann pointed out the NAP Conditions of Contest are also posted on the web site.

I/N In Evelyn Colson’s absence, Bonnie Bagley reported I/N postcards were mailed for the Mesa, Denver and Las Vegas Regionals and the postcards for the Colorado Springs Regional will be sent after the June Las Vegas tournament.

Karin Griffin mentioned that more guidelines need to be clarified about the procedures for the preparation and shipping of the bidding boxes. A motion was made to establish a Bidding Box Committee. It was seconded and passed. Carolyn Newcomb appointed Jerry Ranney and David Zapatka to this committee.

By Laws Karin Griffin asked that everyone read the By Laws and notify her of possible changes.

Charity Karin passed around letters of appreciation received from the charities selected by the D17 Board to receive grants in 2010 from the ACBL Charity Foundation. These charities were Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado, submitted by the Grand Junction Unit, La Mesita Family Homeless Shelter, submitted by the Mesa Unit, Self  Help, Inc, submitted by the Los Alamos Unit, Wyoming Air National Guard Family Program, Children’s Holiday Party and Breakfast with Santa, submitted by the Cheyenne Unit and Hospice of the Valley, submitted by the Phoenix Unit.

Regional Tournaments Darwin Afdahl reported the schedules for the Albuquerque, Tucson, Mesa and Denver were reviewed by the Regional Tournament Committee. Darwin noted that the Albuquerque Regional Wednesday Open Pairs should be A/X Strati-flighted Pairs, not Stratified Open Pairs, since there is a 0-750 Gold Pairs The tournament committee recommended a 199er Charity Pairs Game be added Monday night at 7:30 pm., a compact knockout was added Tuesday at 1:30pm and 7:30 pm to the Tucson schedule. There ensued a discussion of 20 point victory scale versus 30 for Swiss Teams, the Regional Tournament Committee recommended all D17 Regional have a 20 point victory scale. The Mesa Regional schedule indicates a 30 point victory scale. The discussion will be continued with the arrival of Gary Zeiger.

ScoreCard Barbara Dunkley noted favorable reports have been received about the job Steve and Kitty Cooper have been doing, thus there was no need for a committee meeting. Carolyn said Kitty will be joining the meeting later to answer questions about the ScoreCard or the web site.

Tournament Coordination Marianne Spanier distributed the tournament schedules for 2011, 2012 and 2013. She noted the 2012 El Paso Sectional is February 10-12, not 10-13 as listed and a line is missing in March 2013, please add the Sedona Sectional March 7-9. The 2013 schedule only shows those tournaments that have been sanctioned.

Finance Darwin Afdahl reported Jerry Ranney will do an audit of the 2010 finances. Budgets for the 2012 Albuquerque, Tucson and Mesa tournaments were reviewed by the Finance Committee.

Baldwin Plan Allen Johnson said he has received very comprehensive suggestions for the revision of the Baldwin Plan. The Baldwin Plan Committee will have the proposed revision at the October meeting, it will be primarily a reorganization of information, but there are two substantive things the committee is looking at – one, reimbursement by D17 for losses and two, hospitality, specificallo donated items. Allen noted that someone from each regional is included on the email distribution list and encouraged to make suggestions.

Contract Review Allen Johnson stated that contract review is a review, not an approval. John Van Ness pointed out that there is a problem with the review committee receiving the contracts before they are signed, the level of compliance is 60% and many mistakes are made and the stakes can be high.

At this point, Kitty Cooper joined the meeting. Kitty reported the new web site was up and running in record time and John Grossmann, along with Carolyn, is being trained to take over the major responsibilities, Marianne has been trained to maintain the tournament schedules. The initial statistics show the pages most looked at are the tournament schedule pages. Kitty noted the “address” is www.D17ACBL.org. John Grossmann noted there are about 100 content pages; Kitty said the tremendous amount of information on the web site is the reason the cost exceeded the initial estimate. Many compliments have been received about the “new look”, and the easy access to the information, and the fact that the “search” feature actually works.
Kitty reported that she and Steve are submitting more information to Ken Monzingo for the ScoreCard because sixteen pages seems to be the norm now. There are two people actively writing for the ScoreCard, Sally Ann Rhea, from Boulder and Sheila Peterson, from Denver. Kitty has discovered a lot of people like the instructional material – the Key Card Series was very favorably received and a Basic Bidding Series will be the next feature.

Gary Zeiger now joined the meeting. Gary reported the table count as of Saturday morning is 1296 ½ tables, which is 3 ½ tables down from 2010. Although he expects to lose ground over the weekend, the final table count will probably be 2100. The table count for 2010 was 2170 ½. The two session morning Swiss continue to grow, the 199er games are slightly down as are Knockouts, but the Pairs games are up. Carolyn asked Gary the question of the 20 point victory scale versus the 30 point victory scale. Gary said that professionally speaking, it makes no difference to him, but the western tournaments almost universally use the 20 point victory scale. Carolyn thanked Gary for taking the time to report to the board.

Ken Monzingo entered the meeting and took a group picture of the D17 board. Ken commended the Coopers on doing a very fine job as ScoreCard editors, they are conscientious about the deadlines, which he very much appreciates. Ken reported the circulation of the FORUM is now around 22,000 and stated that, as Kitty said, there are more 16 page editions. Postage cost is always an issue, but there has not been an increase in a couple of years. Ken pointed out the web site, www.ContractBridgeForum.com contains all three editions of the FORUM and additional information may be found at www.TheWesternConference.com.

Goodwill Lesley Davis announced the inaugural D17 Goodwill members they are Dixie Binning, from Las Cruces, NM, Maxine Divine, from Denver, Darryl Helton, from Sedona, AZ, Joanne Lowe, from Phoenix, and Jerry Fleming , from Los Alamos, NM. They will be recognized at the Phoenix Regional on Goodwill Day, Thursday, August 20, at a short presentation prior to the 1:00 pm game and honored at the District 17 Reception Friday evening. Please go to the D17 web site www.D17ACBL.org or the July ScoreCard on these first members of the D17 Goodwill Committee.

There were no reports from the Education, Unit Affiliations and Appeals committees

Web Site John Grossmann stated the Web Site report was discussed previously in the meeting. Carolyn Newcomb noted that Jerry Fleming asked D17 to give a monetary thank you to the person who hosted the previous D17 website. A motion was made and seconded to give $200 to the person who hosted the previous web site. The motion was seconded and passed. Carolyn will find out from Jerry Fleming who the person is and will send him a thank you letter with the $200 check.

Old Business
The Old Business agenda items: Baldwin Plan Revisions, Web Site Maintenance and Goodwill Committee Appointments were covered above in the committee reports.

New Business
NAP Conditions of Contest This was covered above in the committee report.

Regional Web Site Bonnie Bagley noted many regionals have web sites specifically for their tournament. An example is www.LVRegional.com which has links for the tournament schedule, partnership, tournament highlights, hotel reservation and during the tournament, the Daily Bulletin, with results will be posted every evening. After the tournament, pictures will be posted, the Daily Bulletins will still be available and a linked to the results on the ACBL website. In six months, information about the 2012 LV Regional will be on the site. Bonnie suggested each D17 regional have their web site, the individual units hosting the tournament would have the responsibility to maintain their own website. Carolyn Newcomb suggested this be tabled to next meeting. John Grossmann volunteered to check with the units about their interest in a regional tournament web site. He will report at the October meeting.

NABC Fund Games ACBL allows the district hosting an NABC a week of special games at the clubs every year for three years before an NABC with more masterpoint awards to raise money for the NABC. These games are strictly voluntary for the club owner. District 17 has upcoming NABCs in 2013, Phoenix, 2014, Las Vegas and 2015, Denver. Carolyn thanked Lesley Davis for volunteering to coordinate these games. A motion was made that a one dollar per person surcharge be assessed to the NABC Fund Raiser game for the purpose of hospitality at the NABC. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made, passed and seconded that D17 coordinate a week of NABC fundraiser games in 2011 for both the Phoenix and Las Vegas NABCs, a week of NABC fundraiser games in 2012 for the Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver NABCs, a week of NABC fundraiser games in 2013 for  the Phoenix, Las Vegas and Denver NABCs and a week of NABC fundraiser games in 2014 for the Denver NABCs.

Bonnie Bagley noted Lesley Davis and Barbara Bunnell have previously been appointed co-chairmen of the Phoenix NABC. The chairmen of the Las Vegas NABC will be forthcoming. The Denver Unit Board approved Roy Weinstein and Bonnie Bagley as co-chairmen of the Denver NABC. A motion was made, seconded and passed to ratify the appointment.

District 17 and Unit Reception Carolyn Newcomb reported the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee discussed the financing of the reception. A motion was made to allow up to $2,000 for the District/Unit Reception to be paid by D17. The motion was seconded. An amendment was made and seconded that the amount be $1,500. After much discussion, the question was called. The amendment failed. The original motion passed.

Completed Tournament Reports
Albuquerque Karin Griffin reported the table count was 2026 and a surplus of $18, 409 was realized.
Tucson I/N Darwin Afdahl reported the tournament was wonderful.
Mesa David Zapatka reported the tournament was up 550 tables with a table count of 2557 and a surplus of $17,059 was realized.

Future Tournaments
Albuquerque (January 16-23, 2012) A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the schedule with the changes noted above by Darwin Afdahl, approve the budget, and to offer Albuquerque the Baldwin Plan.
Tucson (February 27-March 4, 2012) A motion was made, approved and seconded to approve the schedule as noted above in the Regional Committee report, and to offer Tucson the Baldwin Plan.
Mesa (April 30-May 6, 2012)  A motion was made to allow Mesa to use the 30 point victory scale for Swiss Team events. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to accept the schedule, budget and offer Mesa the Baldwin Plan.

Carolyn thanked everyone for a great meeting but said the starting time will have to be moved back to 8:00 am. There being no further business a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 11:55 am.

The next meeting will be Saturday, October 22, 2011 at Phoenix, Arizona at 8:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie L. Bagley


2011 Committees
(Note: The D17 president is a member of all committees)
Appeals:    Lesley Davis, Allen Johnson

Baldwin Plan:  Allen Johnson-Chair, Barbara Dunkley, John Grossmann,  Evelyn Colson, David Zapatka, Bill Kass (non board member participant)

Bidding Box   Jerry Ranney, Davis Zapaka

By-Laws:    Karin Griffin-Chair, John Grossmann

Charity:    Karin Griffin

Contract Review:   Allen Johnson, John Van Ness

Disciplinary:   Jon Gustafson-Chair, Joe Harris, Bob Wingeard, Bob Woodward

Education:    Darryl Helton

Elections:    Karin Griffin

Executive Committee:   Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Karin Griffin, Ralph Ligouri, Carolyn Newcomb, Jerry Ranney

Finance:    Darwin Afdahl-Chair, Ralph Ligouri, Jerry Ranney

Goodwill:    Lesley Davis-Chair, Bonnie Bagley, Karin Griffin, Darryl Helton, David Zapatka

Grand National Teams: Darryl Helton

Intermediate/Newcomer: Evelyn Colson

North American Pairs: Ralph Ligouri

Parliamentarian:   Evelyn Colson

Recorder:   Judy Randel

Regional Tournaments:  Darwin Afdahl-Chair, Bonnie Bagley, Marianne Spanier,
Gary Zeiger (special advisor)

Scorecard:    Barbara Dunkley-Chair, Bonnie Bagley

Tournament Coordination:  Marianne Spanier-Chair, David Zapatka

Unit Affiliations:   Lesley Davis

Web Site:    John Grossmann-Chair, Lesley Davis

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