Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, January 26, 2013 at the Marriott Pyramid Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, John Grossmann, Darryl Helton, Karin  Kelsey, Ralph Liguori, JoAnne Lowe, Art McHaffie, Carolyn Newcomb, Jerry Ranney, Tom Shulman,  Rod Southworth, Marianne Spanier and John Van Ness.

Board Members elect: Jim Horton and Flo Newlin

Also attending a portion of the meeting, Gary Zeiger, Director In Charge (DIC)


President’s Opening Remarks Carolyn Newcomb called the meeting to order at 8:00 am, welcoming the new board members, Jim Horton and Flo Newlin. Carolyn stated Redisticting is added to the agenda under Old Business.


Election Report and Seating of New Board Members Karin Kelsey reported that Karin Kelsey, Albuquerque, Ralph Liguori, El Paso, Rod Southworth, Wyoming at Large, JoAnne Lowe, Phoenix and John Van Ness, Colorado at Large, have been reelected. Jim Horton, Mesa, and Flo Newlin, Denver, have been newly elected. All elections were by acclamation. A motion was made, seconded and passed to ratify the elections and seat the new board members.

Election of Officers

Carolyn Newcomb conducted the election of officers.

Darwin Afdahl was nominated and seconded for president.

John Grossmann was nominated and seconded for vice president.

Bonnie Bagley was nominated and seconded for secretary.

Jerry Ranney was nominated and seconded for treasurer.

Karin Kelsey was nominated and seconded for election secretary.

There being no other nominations all were elected. Darwin thanked the board for their support and asked that Carolyn conduct the rest of the meeting.

Carolyn stated the term of Western Conference (WC) representative John Van Ness has expired and an election should be held. John Van Ness protested saying it is not on the agenda and since there will not be another WC meeting until 2014 it is not necessary to hold the election at this meeting. A motion was made, seconded and defeated to hold the election now. A motion was made to hold the WC election at the June Las Vegas meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

Approval June 2012 Minutes A motion was made to approve the October 2012 Phoenix minutes. The motion was seconded and passed.


Secretary’s Report Bonnie Bagley pointed out free plays coupons are available and pertinent information is in the folders.

Treasurer’s Report Jerry Ranney presented the treasurer’s reports and called attention to the Income Statement Budget vs Actual. A loss of $3,627 was budgeted but a surplus of $4,020 was realized. Jerry indicated the Tucson and Las Vegas Regionals were larger then budgeted, thus increased sanction fee revenue. The net worth as of December 31, 2012 of D17 is $159,707. Jerry announced the NABC Fund Raiser Games held in 2012 netted $3,926 for the 2013 Phoenix NABC, $1,838 for the 2014 Las Vegas NABC and $2,408 for the 2105 Denver NABC. The last Phoenix NABC Fund Raiser Game will be in March, and later in the year for Las Vegas and Denver. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the treasure’s reports. Tom Shulman announced he was appointed to do an audit for 2011 and he also did an audit for 2012 since he had the records for that year as well. He was provided online access to the Wells Fargo bank accounts and received copies of the CD statements and copies of the treasurer’s quickbooks of accounts. Tom determined the treasurer is doing a fine job and everything reported is accurate. A motion was made, passed and seconded to approve the audit.


Current Regional Karin Kelsey reported the table count is on track to be the same as last year, which was a good year.


National Board Bonnie Bagley stated ACBL membership increased by 990 in 2012 for a total of 166,408. 2012 regional table count showed an increase of 7,952 tables, sectional table count was down 2,393, STaC tables were up 1,093. On the whole, 2012 was a good year. The Board of Directors, as directed by the Board of Governors will reconsider two motions; one the Grassroots Fund Month motion and the motion which established a new NABC two day Swiss Teams event for 0-10,000 masterpoint players. The Board of Directors will address three motions passed by the Board of Governors. The first is to raise the age of a senior from 55 to 60 years to be consistent with the World Bridge Federation. The second is that playing directors in STaC games be allowed at sponsor option. The third is that all aspects of online masterpoints, including robot games be investigated and reviewed. The next Board of Directors meeting will be in March before the Spring NABC in St. Louis March 14-24.

Board of Governors Darwin Afdahl reported Dick Anderson, D18 (Western Canada, Idaho, Montana & Wyoming [not Cheyenne & Laramie]) was elected chairman of the Board of Governors and Barry Harper, also D18, was elected vice-chairman.


Western Conference John Van Ness reported the 2013 Western Conference (WC) meeting was held at the January Monterey Regional. John noted that although 2012 WC regional tournament attendance was down slightly, 2011 table count increased 17% and the WC treasury remains at $60,000.  The WC Board voted to return $2,500 to each of the participating districts (D17, D21, D22). John announced that Bonnie Bagley was elected 2013 WC president. Jim Horton noted that the FORUM does not indicate the website address of the Contract Bridge FORUM and it is difficult to find. He advises the address be on the front page of the FORUM and that D17 representatives advise their units to provide a link to the FORUM on their websites.

Executive Committee Carolyn noted the Executive Committee met yesterday and reviewed agenda items. There was no action taken by the Executive Committee since the October board meeting. Carolyn stated that the 2014 board meetings should be set. A motion was made to hold the 2014 meetings at the January Las Vegas Regional, the May Denver Regional and the October Phoenix Regional. The motion was seconded and passed.

Committee Reports

Elections Noted above.

Grand National Teams (GNT) Darryl reported the district qualifying games are being held and the D17 Finals will be at the Las Vegas Regional June 21-23. Darryl said the D17 GNT qualifying games were so successful that the $2,000 often provided by D17 for travel allowance to teams participating in the D17 District Finals was not needed and there will be a carry-over to the travel subsidy for 2014. Darryl also announced that the December Grass Roots Fund Games raised over $3,000 for D17 Grass Roots events.

A motion was made to use these funds to subsidize NAP third place finishers attending the National Finals $200 (each player, each flight) [ACBL provides the 1st place players $700 each and the 2nd place $300 each and also provides free entries at the National Finals] and to increase the per team GNT subsidy from $1,600 to $1,850, each team, each flight and to provide free entries at the National Finals (ACBL does not provide free entries). This is for the 2013 NAP and GNT National Finals. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to provide free entries for the C Flight at the 2013 D17 NAP Finals. The motion was seconded. The motion was amended to provide free entries for the 2013 D17 GNT Finals.

The amendment was seconded and passed. The amended motion was passed. Carolyn asked that each D17 representative contact their units with this information and encourage participation at the D17 GNT and  NAP Finals.

North American Pairs (NAP) Ralph Liguori is waiting for the ACBL Conditions of Contest before drafting the D17 NAP Conditions of Contest.

I/N JoAnne Lowe stated she sent over 400 postcards to I/N players advertising the Albuquerque Regional. Something new was added – a request to bring the postcard to the tournament for an opportunity to win one of two “certificates” in a drawing for $50 for gas money. The first drawing was Wednesday and Jeannie Thomas, of Santa Fe, was the delighted winner. The purpose is to try to track the number of I/N players attending the tournament, possibly because of the postcards. There were 29 postcards returned. JoAnne will continue this for the Mesa and Denver Regionals and will then evaluate the program.

By-Laws To be handled under New Business

Charity No report



Regional Tournaments Darwin Afdahl noted that 2013 schedules from Las Vegas and Tucson are in the folders. Both schedules were approved by the Regional Tournament Committee. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the schedules. A motion was made, seconded and passed to offer Las Vegas and Tucson the D17 Regional Tournament Plan (the budget were approved at the 2012 Phoenix meeting).


ScoreCard Bonnie Bagley reported Steven and Kitty Cooper, the ScoreCard editors, are continuing to provide and solicit articles of interest to the broad spectrum of D17 members. One new feature is “Ruling Our Game” by Tournament Director Bill Michael.


Tournament Coordination Marianne Spanier noted the 2013 and 2014 tournament schedules are in the folders. All tournaments for 2013 and 2014 are sanctioned except for Phoenix. Marianne will have the 2015 schedule for the Las Vegas meeting. Marianne said she did not have the NABC Fund Raising Games. Jerry Ranney stated the March 18-24 will be Phoenix, June 24-30 will be for Las Vegas and October 14-20 will be for Denver.

Gary Zeiger, DIC for the Albuquerque Regional, joined the meeting. Gary reported the table count, not including this morning’s games, is 1,466 ½, which is up 50 ½ tables form 2012. Last year they table count was 1,903 ½ tables. Gary predicts about 1,950 tables. The Gold Rush Pairs have been 39 tables, 35 tables and 31 tables. The Gold Rush Pairs are drawing from the Knockouts and the 199er games, but the overall event is positive and is responsible for most of the table count increase. Space was a little dicey Wednesday and Thursday, but manageable. John Grossmann asked Gary how the results uploading was going. Gary said Felicity Moore is handling the uploading very well. She and Gary have worked together for eight years. Gary has given her the morning and afternoon results before she goes to dinner most of the time and the evening results after the game. Gary requires a non-director to do the uploading when he is the DIC. He will not ask a director to miss a meal or a bathroom break to upload results. Tom Shulman pointed out the time will come when uploading results is as much a part of the “live” tournament as hanging paper result is. Carolyn Newcomb said the directors will put the results in a “Drop Box”, which can be accessed by Philippe Lamoise to create the BridgeResults.

Tournament Supplies Tom Shulman stated there was a lack of communication regarding the purchase of new pass cards for the D17 bidding boxes. He will get them ordered and sent to Karin before she sends the bidding boxes to Mesa.

Finance See above under Treasurer’s Report.

RTD Rod Southworth will be sending out requests for modifications to the D17 Regional Tournament Plan.

Education, Unit Affiliations, Appeals and Contract Review No report



Goodwill Karin Kelsey stated the deadline for the submission of nominations for the D17 Goodwill Committee will be June 1. Karin asked that a paragraph about the person nominated be included with the submission. Carolyn Newcomb noted that twenty-one D17 pins have been awarded with 98 National Goodwill Committee members grandfathered into the D17 Goodwill Committee.


Web Site John Grossmann reported his new son-in-law noticed there is nothing on the website about how to find a club; John noted that will be corrected. John will also be adding more links to tournaments and to the FORUM and investigating possible information for newer players.

Grants John Van Ness announced five grants were given in 2012 for a total of $3,000. There are two grant applications pending for 2013, the Pueblo Unit and the Northern Colorado Unit and the Northern Arizona Unit has been asked to resubmit their application. The deadline for grant requests is June 1. The grants will be awarded at the Las Vegas June meeting.


Old Business Regional Tournament Incentive Program Carolyn Newcomb explained to the new board members the Regional Tournament Incentive Program which is being used in Florida which was tabled from the October Phoenix Board Meeting. Discussion of the pros and cons of this program were addressed by John Grossmann, Ralph Liguori and John Van Ness. A motion was made not to adopt the Regional Tournament Incentive Program. The motion was seconded and passed. With the approval of the budget which included $3,000 for grants, the program will continue in 2013.

Bridge Results Tom Shulman reported that BridgeResults, a system of posting online scores is being used here at the Albuquerque Regional. Tournament online posting has been available for several years. BridgeResults offers many extras: photo identification, masterpoints, strength of field, ongoing top masterpoint winners at the tournament, notification of results to your email and many other features. A motion was made for D17 to pay for BridgeResults at all 2013 D17 Regionals. The motion was seconded. An amendment was made stipulating the cost is $90 a tournament (a volume negotiated price, usually $120 a regional) and that the Tucson I/N Tournament is not included. The amendment was seconded and passed. The amended motion passed.

By-Laws Revision Karin Kelsey said she was asked to rewrite Article VI, Section 8 of the By-Laws. The revision does not change the essence of D17 elections, just clarifies the procedures. After much discussion, a motion was made to table the motion with the intent that a committee be formed to review all of the By-Laws for revision. The motion was seconded and passed.

Redistricting Carolyn noted the Redistricting Committee consisted of herself, Darwin Afdahl, chairman, Jerry Ranney and John Van Ness. Darwin stated that Article VI, Section 9 of the By-Laws require “at least every fifth year … a review of the League’s membership totals in the six areas of the District for the purpose of determining if a change should be made in the distribution of members of the Board among the different areas to maintain fair numerical representation.” Darwin said the committee reviewed the membership and mulled over several possibilities but did want to dictate to the board, that perhaps unit input should be considered. After much discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed to keep the “status quo.”

Completed Tournament Reports Carolyn, in the interest of time, noted that the Phoenix Regional (shown on the Regional Financial Statement) had 2,125 tables down 374 tables from 2011, but still the second largest ever; proving the move from August to October was a good idea. A surplus of $1,466 was realized. Darwin reported the Tucson NLM Regional continues to lose table count and money. The table count was 222 down from 357 in 2011, a loss of 135 tables. Darwin noted that Bonnie has been consulting with ACBL and the ACBL Board Bridge Committee about the possibility of raising the masterpoint limit to 750 and allowing some gold points.

Carolyn Newcomb thanked the board for their thoughtful and lovely gift of a Nambe’ bowl and candlesticks (presented to her earlier). She expressed her appreciation of the positive attitude exhibited during her two tenure as president and stated how much she enjoyed working with all the different board members during her ten years on the D17 Board.

A motion was made at 12:07 to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 22, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Riviera Hotel and Casino at 8:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie L. Bagley

One Attachment: D17 2013 Board Roster

2013 District 17 Board Members

Officers:    Darwin Afdahl, President

John Grossmann, Vice President

Bonnie Bagley, Secretary

Jerry Ranney, Treasurer

Karin Kelsey, Election Secretary


Board Members and the areas they represent:

Darwin Afdahl (Tucson) 12390 N. Tall Grass Drive, Oro Valley, AZ  85755-0844 520 742-1801 (H) 520 305-0360 (C) darwin@afdahls.com


Bonnie Bagley (Ex-officio, National Board Member) 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado Springs, CO  80920-3550  719 593-0205 (H/C)  bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com


John Grossmann (Colorado at Large) 2500 52nd Avenue, Greeley, CO 80634 719 233-9464 (C) blackstone.co@comcast.net


Darryl E. Helton (Arizona at Large) 827Crown Ridge Road, Sedona, AZ 86351 928 284-9245 (H) 928 554-5474 (C) marshahelt@aol.com


Jim Horton (Mesa) 9322 E. Cedar Waxwing Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248-7441 480 883-6369 (H) 480 299-7566 (C)  jhorton2739@gmail.com


Karin Kelsey (Albuquerque) 13518 Elena Gallegos N.E., Albuquerque, NM  87111 505 822-1181 (H)  nieve14@aol.com


Ralph A. Liguori (El Paso)1513 Capitan Ridge, El Paso, TX  79912-8137 915 920-4117 oliguori@elp.rr.com


JoAnne Lowe (Phoenix) 15445 E. Richwood Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 480 836-7296 (H) 480 577-9833 (C)  pnutlowe@cox.net


Art McHaffie (New Mexico at Large) 2220 Wilderness Meadow Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505-5936    505 986-6074  ermchaffie@msn.com


Flo Newlin (Denver) 13888 E. Chenango Drive, Aurora, CO 80015-3905 303 716-9881 (H)  303 916-7211 (C)  cnewlin@comcast.net


Jerry Ranney (Denver)5743 Willowbrook Drive, Morrison, CO  80465-2236 303 697-9468 (H)  720 333-4857 (C)  jtranney2@msn.com


Tom Shulman (Las Vegas) 7146 Palmyra, Las Vegas, NV 89117-3110 702 301-5856  tomshulman@gmail.com


Rod Southworth (Wyoming) 1929 Cheyenne Place, Cheyenne, WY  82001-5033 307 221-2634 (C) southworth15@yahoo.com

Marianne Spanier (Phoenix)  7645 N. 78th Street. Scottsdale, AZ  85258-3472 480 922-1084 mspanier@cox.net


John Van Ness (Colorado at Large)  353 Stagecoach Lane, Carbondale, CO  81623 970 923-2500 (H/W/C)  970 948-2085 (C)   johnvanness@comcast.net




January 2013



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