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Jul 30, 2017
Strike Gold NLM Regional - Loveland, CO.

 The first ever Non-Life Master Regional  in Colorado was held concurrently with a traditional sectional in August.  The combined attendance of 412 tables caused a scramble for more tables!

Over 100 players won gold masterpoints!  Many folks in the NLM were at their first tournament.  

Brook Mark and  Judith Cunningham from Colorado Springs are celebrating with tourney mascot "Dusty" for finishing first in the Saturday double session.

Jun 2, 2017
2017 GNT Winners
Congratulations to the 2017 District 17 Grant National Team winners!  Each winning team gets $2,000 to help with travel expenses and all of the GNT entry fees are paid by ACBL and D17.

 Championship Flight
 Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman, Danny Sprung, Joann Sprung, Las Vegas NV
 Flight A
 Kenneth Titow, Joanne Titow, Vic Quiros, Kenneth Klein, Scottsdale AZ        
 Flight B
 Justine Hancock, Barbara Mikkelson, Linda Torres, Mel Fineberg, Las Vegas NV
 Flight C
 Lynnette & Michael Renberger, Superior CO, Elizabethe & Raymond Cole, Boulder CO