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Nov 4, 2017
2017 Laws of Duplicate Seminar

 SEMINAR on the 2017 LAWS

Calling all club directors and any interested players to join Unit 374 and Ken Horwedel at the Albuguerque Regional in a round table discussion to fully understand and appreciate the recent significant changes to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge. 

     Thursday, January 18th - 9.00am – 12 noon

     Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Pyramid Hotel 

All participants are required to have a copy of the 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge. This may be purchased from Baron Barclay (baronbarclay.com) or downloaded from the ACBL (acbl.org). 

     Fee: $20 per person, free to members of Unit 374 

For further information and to register, please contact Felix Moore (f.moore@netscape.com or 505-717-1483

ACBL has videos available for 14 new law changes.  They can be viewed at:



Nov 3, 2017
Goodwill Ambassadors

Click here to read about the Goodwill Ambassadors for District 17.


Sep 17, 2017
Breaking Tournament News

The Arizona Senior Regional is now scheduled for February 26 to March4, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona.  

There will be no Mesa Senior Road Runner Regional in 2018.  Negotiations are underway for a date for the Las Vegas Regional in 2018.  These changes stem from difficulties securing reasonable hotel venue deals.  

Aug 28, 2017
Robb Gordon is now ACBL's National Recorder
ACBL is very pleased to announce that Robert “Robb” Gordon is joining the ACBL as National Recorder.  Raised by bridge players, Robb has played bridge since childhood and is now a Grand Life Master.  He has served ACBL as a member of the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee, the National Appeals Committee, and the ACBL Laws Commission.  He is a member of Unit 355 in District 17 and has served on the unit Board of Directors, as unit Disciplinary Chair, and as the district Appellate Chair.  Robb has taught bridge, is a certified director and a member of the National Goodwill Committee.  Robb’s knowledge of, and passion for, the game of bridge, as well as his involvement in the administration of bridge, make Robb an excellent fit for National Recorder.  Robb will start mid-September and will work remotely from his home in Sedona, AZ.  He will report to Linda Dunn, In-House Counsel