Jun 2, 2017

2017 GNT Winners


Congratulations to the 2017 D17 GNT Winners!  Each winning team gets $2,000 to help with travel expenses and all of their GNT entry fees are paid by ACBL and D17.

    Championship Flight
        Sheri Winestock - Fred Gitelman - Danny Sprung - Joann Sprung, Las Vegas NV

    Flight A
       Kenneth Titow - Joanne Titow - Vic Quiros - Kenneth Klein, Scottsdale AZ        

     Flight B
        Justine Hancock - Barbara Mikkelson - Linda Torres - Mel Fineberg, Las Vegas NV

     Flight C
        Michael Renbarger -  Lynnette Renberger, Superior CO - Raymond Cole - Elizabeth Cole, Boulder CO